Desa Sanctuary, The Village - A sacred place to come home to....

"I love the idea of "sanctuary"  - a place of refuge - where I can feel safe and retire from the slings and arrows of the outrageous world and this is what I felt when we stayed in your beautiful unit, and enjoyed the peace and balm to the soul of your pool with its waterfall.  It was just such a lovely quiet place and made time elastic - we felt though, we had only stayed a short time, that it felt like weeks.  Knowing the two of you, in what the Quakers call "the things that are eternal" was a rare privilege and your two lives are an inspiration.
Ross Cooper (Ballarat, Australia)

"Almost 40 years ago, the family I know best in Bali showed me the land on which this community have been built. It was a wild jungle-like hillside with a few banana and coconut trees next to a small river and manicured rice fields beyond. Today, the jungle is tamed, the magic remains. While it's only a few minutes from the crowds, commerce and cuisine of Ubud, it feels much further removed. It's very well named."  David Irons, NYC

I've always believed it's the heart and soul that makes the place and you both are definitely the "heart and soul"of "The Sanctuary".  Thank you for making me a part of your extended family during our stay in Ubud.  You are both wonderful people with endless knowledge and love to share for the benefit of others well being"
Ruby, Jack and Hugh, (Vanuatu)

I really enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the space. The pool was delightful and a joy to swim in and laze by.  All facilities were first class and I really appreciated having wireless internet access at all times.  My time here was an experience of serenity.  I would highly recommend time in the sanctuary of stillness.
Maxine (Australia)

Hi there Team Sanctuary,
    A line or two to say 'Thanks' for all you did for Sylvie and me during our May stay with you. We had one of the best holidays and brought back great memories of Ubud and all of you at Desa Sanctuary, The Village who made our stay so comfortable. Vincent and Nikki were totally blown away by the serenity of your retreat and thoroughly enjoyed their few days of honeymoon there.
    Thanks again. We will drop by to say hello when we visit again.

All the best
Tony and Sylvie Smith, Australia.

I arrived in Bali one month ago not knowing what to expect. I have stayed here at the Desa Sanctuary for that month. It is everything they describe on the website and more. The staff becomes your family and the other guests become an extension of that. I will leave here with my heart full and memories to keep for a lifetime. Thank you team Sanctuary.

Sandra Morris